Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wading ...

Early this morning, long before we usually start our day ... we had an adventure. At first they were so unsure of walking out into the water. As always, they reached out for each others hand.
They squished mud between their toes and wiggled their feet, and were very quiet as they inched into the water.

This was a "first" for them. They had never waded at the edge of a pond before. But they quickly learned to love it.
... and they laughed, and had so much fun, as each rock hit the water and splashed on them.
I loved watching their bare feet in the water, and I loved seeing Sam's pant legs rolled up so he could wade. Sam won't wear short pants. Not even on the hottest days ... for he's a farmer. A farmer, just like his Daddy ... and farmer's like his Daddy don't wear short pants. Not even in the water!
Be Blessed Everyone.