Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quints on the Farm: a little peek

Yesterday evening we had a yard full. Fifty little toes everywhere. It was so much fun and we ended up with lots of great pictures of each kiddo and wonderful family pictures as well. I have to say, never in my wildest dreams did I expect five babies to do as well as they did. I still can't believe how easy it was to get this family shot, and they all looked straight at my camera. But we had a plan! Straight from their car seats to the big rock in my backyard! (you can click on the pictures for a larger view)

Then the fun began. We did a few "Mommy and Daddy" pictures, then got some closeups of each kiddo as they played in the grass, and in a little antique rocking chair. We then had so much fun trying to sit them all in a row on some little chairs. I can tell you ... E's little legs were like fast moving wheels! That kiddo is going to win some races some day!

Off to the wheat field we headed for a few diaper shots on a quilt in the wheat. That did not happen ... but oh, it was so much fun trying!

It was like a fast-forward movie dressing five kid's for the next shot on a little red pedal tractor! They loved the tractor and were all over it. Mr. P loved the smoke stack best and was very content trying to chew on it while Mr. E was busy running around it. Mr. L was the driver while his sisters Miss J and Miss S were content to sit in the little red wagon! I think I loved this part of it best. They are the cutest little Quintuplets that I've ever met! (only ones I've ever met too). We did all this in exactly one hour. Whew!

You see, these kiddo's are very special to me. I was there in the delivery room, me and my camera, with Em and Rob when they delivered these wonderful babies almost 17 months ago. I was so honored that they ask me, when every single photographer in the whole area would have loved to do what I got do ... to photograph the birth of their babies. It was so intimate, and so personal, and so beautiful to watch these babies take their first breath.

It makes my heart sing today to see them so perfect and so healthy. Like I told Emily long ago before she gave birth ... just believe, have faith, and give it over to God, and you can do this. She did.

These two people know how blessed they are, and not only with their perfect little babies, but with each other. What a beautiful family they are. Emily has posted more pictures on her blog. You can go there to see a few more little peeks of these chubby little cuties!
Thanks Emily and Rob. I can't wait until next time!