Monday, June 30, 2008

Name this Photo!

Just tell me that this is the cutest picture that you've ever seen in your life! ... and that it should be the cover of a Hallmark greeting card, or be printed in poster size with some catchy little phrase at the top!

So here's what I want you to do ... click the picture and look deep into his eyes and give this photo a name! There's no prize included, but I am going to print the title on the picture and frame it. It's going to be on a little shelf in our bathroom. I just love it that much!

I do have to add so that you'll get the heart tingles and chuckles that I got when I looked at this ... I took this in a parking lot in a huge park. Just Sam and his potty chair. ... and he did say to me as he looked back, "don't take my picture." But he's just three, and I'm the Mom, and I know a sweet moment when I see one!

You better hurry, because MM checks my blog every couple of days, and I'll be toast when he sees this!