Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Farm Princesses

Oh how they love each other. More than I know. Kelcie and Megan are more than niece and aunt ... they are best friends. We have a whole wardrobe of princess clothes for when they are together, and they transform right before our eyes. I feel totally excluded in their world ... when they're together.

They love to match and to look alike. They love to trade shoes and touch each other's hair. They love to laugh and do girls things and they burst into giggles about the boys. They live in their own world ... when they're together.

They don't see each other as much anymore. Kelcie has moved a little further away, and goodbyes between these sweet kindred spirits are getting a little harder to say. They're both almost four years old and I hope for all of their lives, that they're close and love each other.

Kelcie and her Mommy are getting married in August and we've been busy planning and doing, and getting and making. Kelcie and Megan will walk down the aisle together in front of Juli, and they'll hold hands and throw flower petals. I'm sure these two will giggle and do it their way.

Be Blessed Everyone.