Saturday, July 5, 2008

Serious Business

Just a few days ago it was so beautiful and breezy outside I thought I'd try a shot of getting a few good pictures of my kiddo's. I love white shirts. I think they look awesome in photo's, plus I just like white shirts in general on kids. They just look so clean. So "white shirt up" we did and headed outside.

Immediately Sam and Jay started exploring and seeing what they could get into. Living out on a farm ... there is always some kind of trouble to get into. Trust me, if Sam can't find trouble, it's not here!

Jay went first. He is really into posing and being very cocky and stylish. He's almost four now and it's ultra cool to be preppy and have 40,874 pictures of yourself. He's almost there too! Just a few more of him laying in the grass and cheesing it up and he'll have met his quota for the day!
Meg was biting at the bit to go next. She snuggled up to the barn wood and tossed her hair around a bit and smiled 11,839 different smiles, and picked and flossed her teeth to make sure they were perfect ... and they are. We got some great shots of her, then we called it quits and headed off to find Sam.

We found Sam. Well, actually Sam found us, and his white shirt wasn't white anymore either. It had a few brown streaks and stains on it. So did his hands and his shoes, and the stick he was carrying!

Remember the first picture? Scroll up and have a look. The one where Sam and Jay were squatting down and having a serious conversation about what they found.

Well .... Sam found it, and so did his bike. He rolled over it about 68,284 times. Just enough times to make sure it got squashed real good!

What is it about a kid and his dog poop?!!!

We didn't get any pictures of Sam. We ran as fast as we could ... he smelled bad!

Be Blessed Everyone.