Monday, September 22, 2008

A Peek at Us

Last evening I ask our niece to snap a few pictures of us in our yard, on the road and by one of our barns. The kids are needing a family picture for a project at Preschool ... so when you're in a pinch and you don't have anything recent, you do a photo shoot! It turned out pretty good didn't it? Be careful what you say .... I own the delete button! Ha ~

Since we all looked a little bit decent ... and you can't tell that the kids took a nap in their clothes and had only been up for about fifteen minutes and I had food all over my shirt (good old Photoshop came through again) we called Amanda and did an instant get it together.

I forgot to put Sam's socks on him so I painted him one with Photoshop! Sam doesn't like to wear socks, and most of the time he takes them off and puts them in his pockets, then puts his shoes back on the wrong foot.

Meg was in a very foul mood .... so foul that not much was going to perk her up. She didn't get her nap out and when Meg's tired ... watch out people. So she has the sweaty wispy hair look going on, but you can't tell that right? It curls just right!

Jay on the other hand was rearing to go! Yay Jay! You rock buddy!

As it ended ... I love the shots she got. We need to do this more! I just don't like to be in front of the camera ... I'm just not that good with Photoshop when it comes to editing off about 30 lbs of my tush!