Friday, September 5, 2008

Quints + Trips = Loads of Fun

We had a Quintastic-Triptastic time this evening! Me and my FarmHouse Kids met up with Emily and The Wright Five at her house this evening for some pizza and playtime. Eight kids, two Mom's and a big couch! Can you believe that all of them sat there and were so good?! I can ... because they're great kids! Even though our kids each played in their own sibling circle and totally tuned out their new friends .... we all had a great time and can't wait to do it again!

We've known each other for a long time, and I was there when her babies took their first breath when I photographed their birth, but this was the first time we've gotten our kids together.

It took a while to get there .... okay okay, I'm never on time, but I have triplets that have to go Pee a few times every single time we go anywhere ... and we only live twenty-five minutes from one another!

Let me start off by saying that Emily has several awesome ceiling to floor windows in her living room, and when we pulled up all five of her kiddo's lined up to see what was happening outside!

What was happening is that my "potty trained trio" couldn't wait to go Pee! As soon as I opened the sliding door on my van, Sam dropped his pants and pee'd out the door of the van onto the driveway ... right in full view! By the time I got his pants pulled up and everyone clear of the pee puddle, I turned around to see that Meg had pulled down her pants and was squatting by the window to pee as well. Needless to say, peeing for her outside, isn't as easy as for the boys, and she was drenched from the knee's down! What a vision we were! The country kids came to town and pee'd outside .... ha ~

Then as soon as we got inside ... would you believe that Jay had to go Pee, then all three had to go Poop!

Of course, we had to jump in the picture too. It wouldn't be complete without us!

The funny thing is that I'm over twice Emily's age, but having all these kids close to the same age and having so much in common makes us very good friends. Once you become a HOM (higher order multiple) Mom, life changes and you see things so differently than the life you had before babies. It's nice to join ranks with others like you, that understand what you're going through, or have battled prematurity and won. Hands down ... it's a harder life than what we anticipated before kids, but it's a good life, .... and it's our life, and we wouldn't trade it for the world!

We're both Blessed now aren't we?