Monday, October 20, 2008

The Magic Number

This past week, I found a magic number, and I am loving it.  It's loving on me too ... and life couldn't be any better with this new found number thing that just mysteriously happened in our house.  It's the number "4". 

When "4" moved in last week, it brought lots of new changes to our home.  I wasn't prepared for these drastic overnight changes, and they happened so suddenly, from one day to the next.  I must have slept somewhere in between.   At first I was so reluctant to accept this, and desperately wanted to hang onto number "3" because I was so used to all the chaos and havoc it brought with it a year ago.  Mainly I was afraid that I couldn't handle the changes it was bringing ... but I was wrong.

Number "3" was very mouthy and irritable.  It would throw itself down and a have a total ridiculously floor flattened meltdown.  It would scream for no reason and have trantrums over the smallest little things.  It wouldn't eat.  It wouldn't drink.  It would throw things and hit people, and it would cry until my head would spin.  The only thing good I can say about the number "3" is that it did learn to pee and poop in the potty.  I wanted to give it a medal when it accomplished this, but overall the number "3" was more good than bad.  If only it wasn't so darn independent and unpredictable!!!

It's funny now, because when number "3" came here a year ago ... it was much better than the number "2" that had been here for the whole year before that.  Number "2" was terrible and ugly during his stint here in the Siekman house.  I am so glad he moved on out the door and down the road.  I don't care if he ever shows up again, and I vowed to pray for everyone I know that has a number "2" at their house, and I will always do my best to tell them that "2" is only temporary and it whizzes by so quickly that you just don't know what hit you.  The worst thing about "2" being here was the poop parties it encouraged.  I almost didn't survive that phase of "2", but then again ... those times was a bit better than number "1" when it came to sleep.  At least "2" slept like a log ... but only when its batteries ran down.

Number "1" exhausted and zombified me.  But oh how cute it was.  It brought the fattest little cheeks ... both cheeks.  The uppers and the lowers.  I just loved them.  "1" was a busy little number and it learned alot.  Sad little thing about "1" is that it couldn't seem to remember a single thing I said.  But all good things eventually come to an end and "1" didn't stick around forever ... he was booted out the door when "2" reared its head.

Now about number "4".  I truly love it.  It is so smart.  It understands everything I say to it.  When I tell it that it can not have a piece of gum until it picks up it's toys ... it just picks up its toys.  I can reason with it.  Wow!  I can really reason with it.  When I take it somewhere, it stays right with me.  It doesn't grab the gum and all the candy it sees and stuffs its pockets.  No, it simply ask for money.  Lots of money.  It is learning to write its name and it can count past thirty on a real good day.  It sings songs and it has learned to stay put in its own bed at night.  I really love "4" ... more than you know.  It's only been here a few days, but WOW ... it just sailed right in and took over.  It's a real smooth number.  Kind of mature acting .. and it says the sweetest things. 

I'm sure by next October I'll find a new magic number and it will be the number "5", and I will be asking it where it has been all my life.  I might  never let it go either ... because once it leaves my house, things will really change fast.  School, activites, boyfriends, girlfriends, telephones ... and the next thing you know, cars and trucks follow it home, then it leaves for college and never comes back.  I'm not looking forward to that ... so for now, I'm going to enjoy "4" being here, and I'm going to enjoy every single day of it!