Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prayers for My Mother

ADDED: My Mother's CT scan came back clean. No tumors and no cancer. She does have Aortic congestion and that isn't good. She does seem to be a bit better and that is good. Praise God.

I've never been a smoker and I just can't understand why people do it ... and why they can't quit. Surely something that can save your life would be easy to do. It would have been wonderful if Mom could have quit five years ago ... what a difference that would have made. My Mom is only 69 years old.

Thanks for all your prayers.

I've received tons of emails and calls asking if I'm okay since I haven't been blogging and especially since I haven't posted about the kids birthday.

My job is very busy right now for the next week, and I have a lot going in my life. My Mother is very ill and needs everyone's prayers. Hopefully she'll get through this, but she is very sick. She has COPD and just went into CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and now they're looking for tumors in her heart and lungs. Pray that her CT scan comes back clean and her condition improves.

I'll be posting my Dear Littles Birthday Letters tonight or in the morning ... but I wanted to let everyone know that has emailed or called me ... Thank You for your thoughts and love!