Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Weed Field

Early this morning the boys were playing farmer. Not a new thing here since that is a daily event with these little guys. So I took advantage of the "farmer" clothes and herded them out into a fescue field behind the house.

Of course, I had to drag the Princess since she doesn't do well in the weeds. I ended up carrying her and had both my camera's slung over my shoulder so I could beat the boys to where I wanted to go. Next time I think I'll dump her in a wheel barrow and push her around instead.
I had great ideas of the three old school desks that I bought at a junk store, sitting out in the middle of the field with my gorgeous littles in the sunshine doing "homework" and writing their names. Can't you just picture that image in your head? I wanted it to do a portrait for their fourth birthday that is coming up this week. Sometimes I'm way too sentimental and I'm always trying to capture that "perfect" shot of my little trio all together. Together is the key word here.

Well, it didn't happen! According to Meg, the weeds were itchy, her legs hurt, she didn't like it, she wanted to go home, she wanted held, she wanted a drink, she didn't want her picture taken in the weeds, and she needed to go pee. The "go pee" was the one that did the trick for her, and we headed for the house.

Oh well .... maybe next time!
Meg doesn't know it yet ... but since there is no school tomorrow, we're doing this all over again in the morning, and I'm serious about the wheel barrow ... ha ~