Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting on Santa

We're starting early this year! We're waiting on Santa!

Yesterday morning the littles woke up at six o'clock in the morning ... way too early for me, but what do you do when a smart little kid comes and crawls in your bed and jerks your face towards yours and says, "I've gotta go poop." You get up! You come downstairs and you poop!

Only in this case ... that little kid was pulling a slick one. His name is Jay and he only wanted a piece of gum. In his meltdown because he didn't get his way ... he woke up his cohorts in crime!

SO ... we sat on the couch, all in a row and covered up with Sam's green monkey blanket and we waited on Santa. We talked about toys and presents and reindeer and that man that has white hair (who they say they will talk to this year)

We decided that we have to give away all the old toys that they don't play with anymore because Santa might not come here if he sees that they have too many.
So starting this weekend ... my kiddo's will be gathering up toys and sorting things back together to give away. I'll be cleaning toys and bagging them nicely because we're going to take them to a teen pregnancy center for little kids to play with. We did this on their second Christmas ... with a lot of the presents that they received, and it felt so good. Not only to declutter ... but to give something away to others.
We want them to learn that for everything you receive ... you too have to give. So what is a better time than now, when they're so excited and they're waiting on Santa!
So this is our new tradition for every Christmas here out ... and we'll make it a family time. A time to talk about how fortunate we are, and a time to thank God for all that he gives us ... and a time to share. We're going shopping next weekend to find a new present for someone that we'll give along with the used toys that we're donating.
SO ...what are your ideas on this? Do you have any traditions that involve life values? Do you think they will do it? It's going to be touch and go when it comes right down to packing up their toys. BUT .... they might just surprise us!