Saturday, December 20, 2008

The One

Had a few minutes this morning and had to get Joey and Mariah's little session edited ... so I'm sharing!

On a another note .... Joey and I were talking about Christmas and giving and presents and such, and for Christmas this year Joey and Mariah are giving me a very special gift ... they are giving me some time ... and with that time I ask them to give my very special friend a free evening.

So this coming Monday evening, these two wonderful kids of mine will be having a play date with The Wright Five! How exciting ... I'm almost jealous myself. I have a feeling they'll have so much fun they'll be going back for some more "Quintastic Fun" while they're home on Christmas break.

It's funny how good things happen to good people isn't it? I think it's really a God thing!

Don't tell Emily, but I'm going to have Mariah take a bunch of funny pictures and we'll make a poster of fun with Mariah, Joey and the kids! (just ignore this part Emily!)