Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I think my kiddo's loved spending the evening with these kiddo's!  Joey told me they were the best behaved kids he'd ever seen in his life ...

Monday evening as promised, Joey and Mariah spent time with the Wright Quintuplets to lend their Momma a hand, as a Christmas gift to me.  As it turned out, I think it was a gift to Joey and Mariah.  They loved it and were in awe at five busy little toddlers the same age.

It's not as if they hadn't been with five toddlers the same age before, because on holidays and get togethers, my littles and my grandkids who are all the same age, are all here .... but this time it was different.  These two kids of mine played with, did dinner, helped with baths and got these little squirts down to bed.  Then they straightened up and chatted with Mom awhile before they went on their merry way!

Thanks Joey and Mariah for the good deed ... and according to Emily, you two are jewels and I'm one lucky Momma!

I love you two!