Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

The tree is up ... and none too soon! One lesson I've learned over the past four years with these kiddo's ... is don't put the tree up too early! I was expecting chaos again, but now that they're four years old and big kids ... the tree isn't quite as intriguing! Why didn't someone tell me?!
I was all prepared for broken bulbs and ornaments and the tree on the floor a couple times like in the past ... but it's not happening! We decided against the big nine foot tall tree that I love so much and opted to use Mom's old tree that has seen many better days. It's smaller, and practical and a piece of cake to put up.
When Mom passed away before the babies were born, and all of us were dividing up her belongings to keep, and cleaning out the house, no one wanted the old tree down in the basement. I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I know it's not my Mother's tree, but it was Von's Mother's Christmas tree ... and being that she touched my heart so many times over the short few years I knew her, I wanted to keep that tree.
I don't really know if she had loved her tree or not, but either way .. it was hers, and I imagine that she had lovingly decorated it year after year. What I do know, is my littles love their Grandma's Christmas tree ... and to me, it's a way to help keep her in their memories. Even though they didn't meet their Grandmother ... she's as real to them, as I am.
Mom loved Cardinal red birds and used to watch them all the time through the windows in the winter time. They seemed to be everywhere, and she was always spotting them. A few months before she passed away that February, I had found a beautiful Hallmark ornament ... a Cardinal with a little gold twig attached to it, and on the twig is three little berries. I meant to give it to her that last Christmas she was with us, but I never did. I found it again the other day, and this Christmas season ... that beautiful ornament is hanging on Mom's tree. I too now love red birds ... and everytime I see one on our farm, I think of Mom and catch a little glimpse of her in my mind, and I long for a chance to have had her to meet my babies here on earth.
Last night we heavily decorated that old artificial tree ... and there isn't a bare spot on it. All the thin broken branches are now covered with ornamanets and strung with red beads. There are glass balls and snowflakes, shiny stars, and snowmen ... and old world Santa's. The lower half, as far up as they could reach, my Littles placed the ornaments, and talked about their Grandma's Christmas tree .... and they made the tree beautiful once again ... and just outside their reach is a shiny little red bird that I treasure.
In that old tree, what I've found is a treasure ... and the treasure is my kiddo's celebrating the season of Jesus ... and treasuring the memories of red birds and a Grandmother that they would have loved.