Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creepy Eyes

Two certain little boys were hamming it up this evening for my camera.  They ran circles around me singing, "creepy eyes ... creepy eyes ... we love you Mom!"  Well, I love you too creepy eyed little boys!

It looks like I'm going to have a snow day tomorrow with these little creepy eyed boys and their creepy eyed sister.  We're getting pelted with freezing rain pellets and the snow is starting! 

This evening Von was explaining the ice and snow to the kids and I heard him tell them that the roads were getting salt on them .... and Sam said, "will they put Pepper on them too?"  Man, you just gotta love all these little things they say and hang onto to every little word ... some day all these little things will be all grown up and our house will only echo in all these great memories ... and it's happening so quickly.  It seems like yesterday that they were just learning to talk.