Monday, March 30, 2009

Amy's Journey to Heaven

Amy ask me the other night on the phone, "How can I prepare to die? ... How can I make sure Luke and Carter will remember me? ... How?"

I told her that they will know her ... always. Through those that love her ... we will make sure they know their Mother. I love Amy and I will do everything possible to honor her. She's not a daughter of my flesh ... but a daughter of my heart. Josh and Amy were never married, but were together for almost nine years. They have two little boys together, and even though she and Josh are no longer together ... Amy is a part of my family and a part of my heart.

Now I have to help find a way. I've thought about this constantly since Amy called me late Thursday night. We talked for a long time about how unfair life is ... and how she is only 26 years old, and how much she wants the boys to always remember her. She is broken and helpless and still yet unable to acknowledge. I still yet can not accept. I pray for devine healing of Amy's body and salvation for her soul, and I wrap my arms around my babies a little tighter each day ... for I know that time can be limited and life is so precious.

After speaking to Amy and her Mother, I've decided to start a blog ... "Amy's Journey to Heaven" and when God decides to take Amy from this Earth, we will print it for her little boys and they will read the letters she wrote to them ... and they will have the letters that we wrote to Amy ... and they will always know her. We're making each of the boys a treasure chest for Amy to fill. How can you build a foundation for their life in a few short months? We'll find a way.

We have a plan. They'll hear her voice ... they'll listen to her prayers and they'll see her in their hearts. They'll see her pictures and they'll read her words and they'll have the legacy she left behind for them. Her Love.

For those of you that are praying for Amy ... Thank You!