Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Siekman Dairy Farms WINS BIG!

WE WON!  WE WON! ... and half of the team had to sit down and eat a "snackie" before they would participate!

Here's Sam up to bat with a little bit of help from Aunt Bonnie!  He wasn't really too thrilled to stand up there and hit the ball in front of everyone!

Yeah .... we really had to stand out there and play ball too!
Here's Jay coming in to home plate!  He scored!
Jay scored again while Sam scooted back to let him slide on in!
I know .... Mom shouldn't be jumping up and down on home plate with a big camera waiting for the kid to get there.  It is not cool!
.... and here they are after the game!  Right before they huddled and started putting dirt on each others head!
We really did win our first game!  By forfeit ... because the other team messed up and got the date wrong!
What really counted was that we had fun.  We had a great practice game amongst ourselves.  My kids, being that they are a threesome, are so shy they huddled ... and they fussed, and they wouldn't bat by themselves ... so Bonnie and I had to help them bat and then we scooted them on down the baseline.  They did run the bases by themselves and by the time it was over, they were really into the game! 
Next time ... we're getting our game on and winning for real!