Monday, April 27, 2009

Ball Practice (in the dark)

Right at dark last night we went over to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Don's (home away from home because they're farmers too) so we could practice our T-Ball skills .... because we don't have any, and their first game is tonight. Plus, they had bought the kids a T-Ball pole and a new bat and we had to check it out.

Jay took the first swing ... and he is good! He can knock the ball "out there." We used the trees as the bases ... and they would run as fast as they could directly to SECOND base. It was so much fun watching them play and run.

I think that one flew right by you Sam! It's so funny because they would check the names on their mitts, and Sam would only hit HIS ball. Hopefully, they won't do that tonight at the real game!

Run Meg Run! It's more important to look pretty you know when you're a girl! I'm proud of her though .... she hit the ball and ran!
This is third base .... and Meg promptly fell right off face first! She sucked it up and only ended up with a few scratches on her leg.
Our Farm is sponsoring their T-Ball team this year and they have little red shirts and navy St. Louis Cardinal hats. They just look so stinkin' cute!
Okay everyone ... be chanting about 6:00 this evening! "Go Siekman Dairy Farms Go!"