Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twin Stroller

My heart twinged yesterday when I found this in the back of Von's pickup truck along with my window boxes.  It too was labeled junk.  It's laid in the rafters of the garage for at least fifty years, and now it's being cast out.
I couldn't help myself as I pulled it from the pile and unfolded it, and locked the wheels into place.  The handle telescoped to just the right height as I pushed it across our backyard.  I debated whether to clean it up as I ran to get my camera.  It's still in perfect condition.  The fabric is still bright blue underneath the dirt, and the little wooden beads are still painted red, blue and yellow.  All the wheels still work and there is no rust on the metal frame.
My Mother in law used to push her babies in this stroller.  Many years ago, these little yellow seats used to hold my husband and his twin brother.  Their little chubby hands used to twirl those painted beads as she pushed them around.  It's amazing how things change ... and how time changes things. Fifty years ago was a long time ago, but not so long ago in one's mind.

I can just imgaine that at one time she parked them in this stroller right here in my yard, in this same spot, in front of the garden shed while she chatted and worked in the garden with her Mother-in-law. 

I can just imagine how lucky I would have been if my Mother-in-law was here when my babies were in their stroller, and how wonderful it would have been to have chatted with her in her garden.
For now, I kept the stroller.  I found it a new home  .... in the little garden shed that also has seen better days.  I wonder if years down the road if my Daughter-in-laws will be as sentimental as I am ... and will they keep my treasures from many years past.