Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dancing in the Sun

Yesterday evening we had an exciting event here .... a semi delivered a large piece of equipment to our house. It was a "Sky Lifter" ... so I heard. It's a piece of equipment that I have no idea what it does ... but I suspect when I get home from work this evening, my entire yard surrounding my house will be torn up since we've had so much rain.

We live in a "antique" farmhouse and the roof is really steep, and today a crew of Amish men will be tearing off our old slate roof and putting a new metal roof on. They say once they get the metal on the steep part, they won't be able to walk on it and that's where the "Sky Lifter" comes into play!

Since the semi driver happened to be Von's brother Darrel ... the kids got lifted up on the bed of the big truck, and they danced and ran up and down the trailer like it was the best place to be in the entire world.
... and they danced.
Being me, of course I seized the opportunity to snatch a few pictures of my littles having the time of their life!
I'm framing the top image of my littles. Every once in a while I take a picture of them that I can't live without ... and this one tops my list right now!
Shooting into the sun made this picture look like it was taken at night ... but actually it was broad daylight about six-thirty yesterday evening. I love silhouette's. I've never gotten one of my kiddo's before and I think it's pretty darn cool, and I was really proud of myself!