Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aunt Lou and the Auction

Today we went to an auction. It wasn't just any auction ... but Von's Aunt Lou's auction. So immediately I formed an attachment to everything I saw ... and I wanted everything that wasn't attached. I have to say that "Aunt Lou" was a wonderful lady, and she was Von's favorite Aunt, and she was an collector. Boy, was she a collector.

Aunt Lou and her husband had a couple of funeral homes before they retired ... and they had the most awesome chairs I've ever seen. I had photo shoot's in my head, and had some serious visions while standing there drooling. I was immediately snapped back to reality when Von told me in his most authoritative voice, "Don't even think about it!"

What started off as a little something to do today, turned out to be a fun fun fun (fun fun) day! All of Von's relatives and cousins were there and we were all bidding against each other. It was serious business! Some, like me ... were on a mission, and others didn't have it in them to bid against each other. Some knew what they were after ... and some (me) were impulsive and couldn't stand to lose.

Before we even got there, I was planning my catch. Being that I've never bid at an auction before and I didn't know how, I let a gorgeous pink crock pitcher (150.00) slip right through my hands. Let me tell you, I didn't make that mistake again. Being that I'm only five foot tall, I learned how to hold my number "147" high in the air, and keep it there. A couple of times, I was bidding against myself, but the good man in the booth let me know ... ha!

I didn't get the one thing I really wanted though. There was a little old red rocking chair that Aunt Lou had sat my babies in when they were little. I wanted it. So did Von's cousin. We went back and forth until that little chair was at 180.00, and when I saw the sick green look on his face ... I let him have it. I'm just kidding about running the price up. I really wanted that chair, but I knew that if I bought it at that price, I'd have to walk to home.

On impulse, I bought two very old quilts, a huge set of Pfaltzgraff dishes and accessories, a 30.00 fan that sells at Wal-Mart for 19.00, two old milk bottles, a king size bed (yes I did ... now what?), a 70.00 dollar Fiestaware pitcher that is on Ebay tonight for 27.00, more Fiestaware for another 60.00, a little table that I don't even know what it's for, and my favorite find was a little green metal teapot for 10.00.

I think it was at about that time when Von snatched my number away from me. .... and guess what? I figured out that I didn't need that little bit of paper with number 147 on it, because by then, the Auctioneer knew me. He knew me well!

You see, Aunt Lou left the bulk of her estate to her twenty-four first generation Nieces and Nephews. She was very very generous to us. Very. But I think she had an ulterior plan. She enabled all of us to have a fun day ... and she enabled all of us to buy her collections and a part of her life, when most everyone wouldn't have been able to do so otherwise.

Aunt Louise never had children of her own .... and she really loved her Nieces and Nephews. In return, they loved her too! We now have lots of bits and pieces of Aunt Lou throughout our house, and when Von is speaking to me again .... I'm sure he'll love them too!

Thanks Aunt Lou! Although we miss you, it was a wonderful day ... and I truly love all of my new treasures!

P.S. Hey cousin that bought that little red chair ... I really hope that you're not mad at me, and I really hope that you'll love it as much as I would have.