Saturday, May 2, 2009

Their Inner Child and the Rocket

Tonight Von came home from the barn and said, "Want to go over to Don's and shoot off a Rocket?"
Huh?  A Rocket?  Is that safe for the kids?  Sure thing Sherlock ... let's go!

A little history:  I take it that these two .... the twins .... not the triplets, used to shoot off homemade rockets when they were younger, and the Inner Child spoke to Don when he saw one.  I'm presuming he just had to do it again ...or else, he thought the kids would love it.  Knowing how much he loves these kiddo's, he probably had them in mind.

So, the kids followed him out into the driveway and didn't understand a single thing that was going on.

Yes Kids .... this is the Rocket, and below is your Dad reading the instructions while your Uncle Don gets the Rocket ready. 

Can you tell he understands .... or is that complete puzzlement on his face!
.... and we're ready, and we're still ready .... and still ready!  Did I hear you say it takes batteries?
 It didn't used to be this way Von says .... it only took a match back in the good old days! 
Finally .... after the countdown, it shot off like a Rocket.  Straight up in the air.  It was pretty cool to watch how high it went, and how the wind carried it, as it fell across the road into a field. Tomorrow's mission is go find it.  It still has one more life.
Von talked about that little rocket all the way home (one road over) and all during dinner.  I think his inner child was pepped up a bit this evening.  It's funny how something from the past or childhood is fun to do again many years later.
Thanks Don for buying that Rocket!