Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dear Jay, 

You have many faces!  Yesterday evening I sat on the step and watched you and Sam play.  Every once in a while you looked up and glanced my way.  I played that game, "can I shoot faster than you can blink" because you don't like getting your picture taken anymore.  I've done you in with all my begging for one good shot.

Every once in a while you would look directly at me.  It was a game.  You knew I had my camera, and you were teasing me.  You're like that.  I love that.

You and Sam were having fun.  So much fun that when your Dad sees it .... you're probably going to be in trouble.

But you don't care.  It was all worth it to you because you were having fun.  Don't worry ... I'll cover your butt.
You're only a boy once .... and boys do boy things!

Then they grin about it and smile cheesy smiles for their Mom ... right Jay?

You are so cute and I love you so much!
Even when you and Sam go outside, pull all of the tools out of the garage, rework the yard that was just seeded, haul all of the straw away and make a big mud hole again.
I'll protect you ... and we'll tell your Dad that we don't know what happened.  Gremlins were here!

Cute little Gremlins!

and you did it all for HER!

Sammy the Dog!