Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farm Girl

Meg decided this morning that she was going to go work over at the farm with the boys.  She got herself ready, picked out her own clothes (and she didn't pick out a dress) ... and donned her work boots. 

She fixed her hair, put on her cap and hopped outside with the boys.  THEN .... she remembered that she needed to "Hannah Montana" pose and get her picture taken, and she needed her make-up ... and her purse, and her lipstick and hairbrush.  She also needed a bag with a few snacks, a drink and something to play with while she's there.

... and right before she hopped onto her waiting coach (4-wheeler) she remembered that she needed to go pee, and while she was back in the house, she made a cheese and bread sandwich, grabbed some ice in a baggie so she wouldn't get hot, and gathered up a few more girly things.  Then she was ready to go!

This girl NEVER goes to the farm ... and she never gets dirty!  I have to say .... I LOVE IT!!!!