Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Date Night with My Boyfriends

Friday evening I picked up my little boyfriends and we went on a fabulous date.

You see, Juli and Kelcie had picked up Meg early in the day and they went shopping. They got BFF necklaces, went out to dinner, got new purses loaded with makeup and girly things .... and they strutted their stuff without my boyfriends!

SOOOOOO, I picked up my little guys and we headed to "Build a Bear" and met up with the girls.

I have to tell you that it was my first experience in that store .... and I've come to realize that when you have triplets, it ain't cheap! There wasn't a sign on the door that said, "Oh Honey ... you don't just buy the bear ... you buy it's beating heart, it's voice recorder, it's clothes, it's shoes, it's underwear (bikini), it's ribbon's for it's hair, it's necklace and it's toy for it's arm." Whew!
Four Kids + Four Furry Friends = a bit over $200.00. But, my little boyfriends are still in love with their new friends, and the girls are still rocking and singing with their Hannah Montana Bears! Juli got the worst end of the deal since Megan and Kelcie were her date for the evening!
Thanks Juli for footing the bill for Meg!

After a round on the horses, we ate at the mall and regrouped and headed off shopping!

Old Navy will never be the same .... and neither will I.
I realized that my kiddo's are way too sheltered when Meg walked up to a mannequin girl and talked to her. When the stylish little snob didn't talk back, Meg turned around and said to Kelcie in the most serious voice, "I do not think she is alive." Of course this drove Juli and I into leg-crossing hysteria as we laughed until we had tears, and after we caught our breath, we knew it was time to get out of Dodge and head for the sticks again!
It was fun to have a night out with my daughter. She's truly my best friend, and I love it that we have kids the same age and we can plan and do things together again.
What I didn't love was that my boyfriends got sleepy before our date was over and one had a meltdown over a piece of gum and the other one threw up in my car. NICE!