Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Houston! We have Cavities ...

This morning .... early, and that's hard to do with these kids, we had a Dentist appointment with a new Dentist.  One that is more equipped and modern ... and one that Lurrvvvv's the chaos that triplets and kids bring.  One that can handle and keep on ticking and clicking, and one with office staff that is 100% more friendly.  Instead of a frown when we walked in the door .... the best part was that we got big smiles.

BUT, we also walked out with eight cavities!  Ouch! Triple Ouch I should say ....

Unfortunately, if we'd followed our gut instinct all along instead of believing that our Dentist was prepared for our kids, we might not be in this boat right now.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's a good Dentist, but he just wasn't the best Dentist for us.  Times changes, but he didn't change and update, and his frame of mind didn't either. 

Knowledge and technology have come along way, and for us .... we wanted more for our kids.  Like flouride treatments, and better exams and cleanings.  Kind of like ... more for your money, or at least get what you pay for.  Yes, I'm dogging him.  No I shouldn't ... but our mistake in choosing a Dentist is only costing us $2,019.00 in the next month.

So we have eight cavities.  Very small cavities.  Teeny Weeny.  Except one of Jays.  I was totally thrown off my high horse with this news.  Now what?!  Better brushing.  Better flossing. No candy.  No pop.  No gum.  Zilch ... Zero ... Zip!  None at home, and none at the Neighbors.

I guess my frustration is that our old Dentist wasted two years of my time ... and the tooth that Jay needs a crown on next week might not have gotten this far down the road if it had been caught at previous exams. 

Just to set the record straight .... I do not believe that you have to take your kids to a "Pediatric Dentist", but I do believe that the Dentist that you choose should be "Kid Friendly", not only in atmosphere and technology, but in attitude as well.