Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meg - A Princess Shoot

This evening we had an incident. Jay Pee'd on the Princess and it did not go over well. Actually, he Pee'd in a cup outside and threw it on her. Sam laughed to see such a sight and the dog ran away with the spoon .... not really, but it sounded good didn't it? The first part is true. Jay did throw Pee on her, and Sam did laugh, but not until she came crying into the house.

We do not like those stinking boys tonight. Words spoke straight from the heart we say!

So after a long hot bubble bath, we went up to Meg's room, dressed up in wedding clothes and had a little photo shoot, all by ourselves. We're practicing how to look beautiful, and how to be good for Joey and Mariah's wedding coming up in two weeks. We practiced smiling .... A LOT!
Here's an artsy fartsy vintage version. I think I love this one.
... and here's just Meg, while she relived the story telling of how she got Pee all over her, and how much she does not like those boys right now.
I don't blame her. I'm willing to trade them in for new models this evening ... but I'm the Mom, and I'm stuck with them!