Friday, June 26, 2009

Meg's Bed

Meg has a new bed! Well ... actually it's a very old bed. In fact, it's so old that it's considered a very valuable antique ... worth more than Von paid for this old farmhouse fifteen years ago.
Last week we decided that it was time to separate Meg from the boys, and we knew that we had to make it really good and enticing to pull her away from her womb mates. So we (me) decided to use this bed that was already in the room that we were making pink and girly. Our dilemma was whether to use the bed or not.
First of all, I had visions of white wicker twins beds ... one for Meg and one for Kelcie. Then we decided to give her our queen bed after Von and I went shopping for her bed and ended up buying us the most awesome King Tempur-Pedic bed (which has not been delivered yet). I visioned having a canopy made that attached and came down from the ceiling, and had already shown the woodworker my plan. Then we changed our minds.
This old handmade bed has stood in this house for many many years .... more years than any of our living relatives know. It looks like a wonderful old wardrobe, but it pulls down and rests on wrought iron legs. Many years ago it was placed upstairs, long before the stairway was changed and "modernized", and now the bed has a permanent home. Our choices were to either attempt to remove a window from our house and have the bed hoisted down and hope that it stayed intact, then try to find a climate controlled place to store it .... or destroy it to get it down the stairs. I can't tear that bed up. Some of our ancestors were most likely created in that bed.
So Meg has a new bed .... one with three very old feather mattresses. (yes, they were cleaned). Along with the bed, she has new pink walls, beautiful new vintage looking rose bedding, her Great-Grandmother's rocking chair, her Father's old trunk, her Great-Grandmother's dresser with crystal knobs with a gold framed mirror hanging above it, and a big new pink rug on the floor.
We still yet have to decorate the walls, but I'm working on that. Oh, and the words on the bed .... I photoshopped that on there to see what it will look like when I put the quote from "Upper Case Living" on that tall old headboard.
But I'll leave you with two little boys that loved the bed even more than Meg ....
On Meg's first night in her new bed, she said to the boys, "Since I won't be living with you anymore, do you want to give me a hug?" Simutaneously .... both boys said, "Uhhhh, NO!" So much for being womb mates don't you think?!