Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Puddle Jumpers

This evening we took the kids over to the neighbor's to go swimming.  This past weekend, I took them to Josh's (oldest son) and they swam like little fish.  Tonight was no different.  Jay and Sam both loved the water .... Meg, not so keen on it without ripping my clothes off.
They love it so much that we've talked about getting a pool.  Not a big permanent one .... but one that we can take down in the winter, and one that is big enough for the kids to have fun in.  It's hitting close to 100 degrees here and it's still June.
Jay was jumping in .... Meg was jumping back and away from the edge. 
She was more into prancing around and showing off than she was swimming.  I have to admit ... she is cute, and her tricks and poses are better than her clawing my neck in the water ... and her new life jacket makes her even cuter.  Thanks Juli for buying them for the kids!  I love them and they are wonderful!
Sam too was getting in and out by himself and paddling all over the pool.  He thinks he's a puddle jumper and can do everything by himself. 
Any ideas on how to get Meg to have fun in the water?  I can only take so many pictures of her looking this cute!