Saturday, October 31, 2009

Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice .... OR a Pack of Rats? What do you think?

This year they finally "got it" ... and wore these costumes in every store in the city today. They took it to the highest level of cuteness. They kept their sunglasses on ... and searched out every candy bowl! I love this age!

I'm sure this will be the last year of me dressing them as a triplet theme .... the boys looked down at their bellies and declared that they can't do PINK! It took a lot of fast talking to pull it off this year! But all the loot they got today and this evening was worth every bit of comments they endured as they danced and wiggled through Evansville today!

I was even nice today .... at least one thousand times I answered "YES" ... they are triplets. Now I'm going to go hide all the candy to keep tomorrow from being a repeat of today. No more sugar highs, and no more bouncing off the walls. Maybe they won't remember today ....

I love my little pack of rats!