Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fired Up!

Last night Juli and Kelcie met up with me and the kids for a evening at "Fired Up."

They were a rowdy bunch, and we resorted to finishing up the painting and pottery just to get the kids out of there. A ceramic place and 4 five year olds just don't go hand in hand.

Trust me .... she might look all cute and cuddly, but she wasn't. Meg had more fun running everywhere than she did painting a cup and saucer lime green and hot grape!

Kelcie was doing just fine with her cereal bowl until we walked in ... and she instantly turned into a wild woman. Kelc and her BFF were in trouble!

Did I say these two were perfect angels? NOT They led the pack at first ... right before they got busted and grounded to their seats!

Most likely, we'll not be doing Fired Up for a long while ... it was not what I call a successful night out with my hoodlums ... especially since their cups and saucers and shananigan's cost me seventy-two dollars! Just think, I could have done a movie with popcorn and chained them to their seats! :)