Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Oldest Son

Josh & Luke
This afternoon Josh, Amy and Luke came out to visit. I was so happy to see them. I don't get to see Josh as often as the other kids because of his work schedule. So it was wonderful to get to give him a big hug in person instead of my daily phone call to him. Yes, I still talk to all my kids every day. I feel very out of sorts if I don't hear their voices at least once a day! I think it's a Mom thing! So we took pictures of his family and had a great afternoon.

Josh & Amy

We had a great visit! Amy cleaned me out of house and home. She loves to decorate and I can tell when she sees something that she'd love to have. So being the good Mom that I am, (he he) I pass it along to my kids. It's funny how I never miss a picture here and there, or something off a shelf that I once loved. It's kind of neat to give things to your kids ... and know that they appreciate it. BUT, I think the real reason Amy came today was because she'd heard of my adventure to Victoria's Secret! Hmmm, she was wondering what was in the bag for her! I love Amy, and Amy got her share! She left smelling very good! Juli was here last night and she must of called Amy and told her to get over to Mom's house, Mom had a meltdown at Victoria's Secret!


Luke of course got all my hugs and kisses. By the time we had a picture session, edited the pictures and printed them, he was ready to go. I'm sure Luke was asleep before they even drove down to the end of our road.

Be Blessed,