Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Would You Do?

Tell me. What would you do? Would you take these down and put up toddler beds? Or would you keep them up until they go to Kindergarten in a couple of years? Enquiring minds would like to know (mine). I need some advice.

Here's the deal. Right now we put them 'in jail' about 8:30 - 9:00 every night and we never hear a peep from them until about the same every morning. They've been doing this since they were eight months old. That was 28 months ago. Over two years to get used to having sleep again. Two great years of quiet time. All with just a zip and all the stuff they love in their cribs at night ... and we have it made. Although we do hear Sam singing his ABC's for about 30 minutes after the other two have gone to sleep. BUT he can't get out! Don't get me wrong, they're not really in real jail, well, they are just a little bit ... but only because we tuck the zipper down so they can't unzip them and get out, and they can't reach each other's zipper either. We made sure of that! It's just like turning their pajama's around backwards so they don't get naked and have a poop party .... insurance that they can't strip. Same principle! .... and of course, they love their beds. Don't we all!

As long as we have crib tents, I have ME time. Time for me to play on the computer. Time to blog. Time to edit photo's and time to chat. ME time! I love ME time. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the peace and quiet after my children have gone to bed. ... and Marlboro Man needs his sleep too since he gets up at 4:30 every morning to milk cows. Actually I'm thinking these crib tents are a safety thing. They'd be up running all night without them since they all climb in and out like monkeys!

Here's the delimna. I have heard horror stories, and I mean horror stories about other triplet mom's transition to toddler or big kids beds. I hear of the hours of sitting on the floor outside the door and busting up the party for hours on end. I've been told of the kiddo's partying until the wee hours of night and then passing out like dead indians on the floor. I hear about them stripping their beds, having mattress fights and emptying all the drawers, and destroying the closet. I've seen pictures of windows busted and blinds torn down. ... and the poop parties! The dreaded poop parties where they strip naked and dance like no one is watching! Not even God!

So what would you do? Leave them in the cribs with crib tents for a while longer while I build up the nerve to endure this ... or encourage growth and development, and transition them to big kids beds? Mainly, I'm just plain scarred! There is more of them, than of me and they know how to tag team! ha~

I wonder if shock collars would keep them in the beds? I'd probably have to only zap them a few times. Sam, maybe about 10 times! Hmmmm, have to google that and see if that's an option!

... as always, be blessed,

p.s. for those that take me literally .... I fully know that using a shock collar on your kids is illegal and I wouldn't do that. At least not until they pass a bill in congress that says I can!