Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Littles ...

Tonight when we put our Little's to bed .... it was strangely different than what we've been used to.

In the past several months, since we've upped them a notch, done away with the cribs, and gone to open toddler beds for fear of them becoming claustrophobic beneath the crib tents, it's been total chaos at bedtime. Yes, I'll admit ... it has been my most dreaded job as a Mother. We've had to battle the Little's to bed every night. We spring up and down like a yo-yo to keep them in their beds. It has been a two hour task every night. One that I dread .... with a passion.

But tonight as I settled into the big soft recliner we were forced to move to their room .... the atmosphere was so different. Quietly so. Peacefully so. It was serene. .... and a warm blanket of maturity was settling over the room.

They got their drinks, got into their beds and snuggled down into their pillows. I gently covered them up and they stayed in place. I kissed each one of them, and they hugged my neck. I did the "high-five" routine and they grabbed the blankies that they sleep with. It was quiet ... and only the shadow of the TV light was in the room. I started a prayer as we do every night and they raised their hands towards heaven and repeated what I said .... then all was still.

I stood there for a few seconds not knowing what had happened, then sat down in my chair. Sam then turned his head towards me and said, "Mommy, can we watch Bob the Beeeed-ler?"

I put the movie in the player and walked out of the room .... and not another sound was heard.

Could it be .... that my Little's are growing up?

Be Blessed Everyone.