Saturday, February 9, 2008

Husband for Sale

Yesterday evening we came home to this! A tree laying outside our backdoor. This tree had been coming down branch by branch every time the wind blew. Finally, Mr. Dairy Wife and his other brother Darrel, cut the tree down!

Today, The FarmHouse Kids explored the forest outside their house. They climbed all over the tree and through all the branches. They kept saying that they were climbing a tree! This is exactly what every kid that wants to climb a tree needs .... just have their Daddy cut the tree down for them! It works every time!
Mrs. Dairy Wife informed the Mr. that he has to clean up the forest. He absolutely can not leave that tree there and burn it "one piece at a time." It would take two years .... this was a big tree!
Mrs. Dairy Wife thinks "clean up, clean up!" .... and Mr. Dairy Wife thinks "aw shucks ... it ain't hurtin nuthin! The kids got a new tree house!"

Here's The FarmHouse Kids on top of their new tree house. Sam wasn't too happy to be up so high. These Indiana Redwoods grow big! .... or is that only in California? Oh well, it's the biggest maple they've ever seen three feet outside their backdoor, across the yard and the driveway!

Mr. Dairy Wife also taught them another new activity that only kids on a Dairy Farm can do. They can write their name in the special mud outside the barn with a big stick.
See the Special Mud? It is circled in the picture! We have lots of it here on the farm. It oozes right out of the barn on rainy days. Mr. Dairy Wife thought it was cute that the kids played in it. Mr. Dairy Wife is very weird sometimes. Actually, he is very weird most of the time.

This picture really doesn't have anything to do with Mr. Dairy Wife letting the kids play in Cow Poop .... other than Mrs. Dairy Wife accidently shot this picture when she threw up her hands in disgust and went in the house!
Mrs. Dairy Wife is willingly to sell quart sized containers of Special Mud if anyone wants some? She also is considering selling Mr. Dairy Wife as well ......
Be Blessed Everyone.