Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tall Tales ...

This morning Sam and Jay were laying on the floor talking to each other. I listened for a little bit, then grabbed my camera. I didn't want them to stop talking, and if they saw me they would have. I snapped these two pictures of these little guys. The story I heard, they won't remember, but I will.

Sam: The cow kick me in the nose.
Jay: In the ... nose? In the ... barn? (in awe)
Sam: In the barn.
Jay: Did you cry? (so sad)
Sam: I have a Boo-Boo.
Jay: On your nose?
Sam: On my nose. The cow kick my nose.
Jay: Did you cry?
Sam: I got a booger in my nose.
Jay: The Cow give you booger in your nose?
Sam: No ..... The cow kick my nose ... in the barn. Whitey did.
Jay: Whitey in the barn? Whitey at the Willis barn.
Sam: No ..... Whitey in our barn Jay.
Jay: I go see.
Sam: No Jay, Whitey kick you in the nose.
Jay: I be careful. (so tough)
Just bits and pieces of imagination. Just bits and pieces of life emerging. Just two brothers that love each other. Just the beginning of Tall Tales ....
Be Blessed Everyone.