Monday, February 11, 2008

It's My Job

yesterday afternoon when Marlboro Man went to milk his lovely cows, I bundled up the kids and headed off to visit my son Josh. I got about half a mile down the road and I called him and told him I was coming. He wasn't home, and was on his way to the hospital to visit Carter.

As it ended up, I met up with them and loaded Luke into my car and took all four three year old punks to the Mall. By myself. Holding hands, we ventured to the new little play area. I had to be some where they would all be contained ... and this was the perfect place!

They had so much fun running and climbing, so we stayed until we shut the mall down. I had to line up all four kids on the bench and put on all their shoes and coats and keep them all corralled.

Wouldn't you know it ..... Jay had to pee. It was me and them and the Mall restroom with twenty stalls and it was closing time. I peeked into the ladies restroom and no one was in there, so I locked the big door and locked us all in. Brilliant I think! I lined the kids up on the wall and they pee'd one at a time and didn't touch one thing. Just washing their hands took fifteen minutes. They were infatuated with the water turning off and on by itself. The joys of modern technology ... Ha ~

We decided to take the kiddo's out to eat, and instantly Luke turned into a turd. He has a tendency to do that when his Mom and Dad are around. He got as far away from me as he could and said, "Grandma, I don't like you." That would be because Grandma is "zero tolerance" in the minding department.

Then he grinned, and my heart melted, and he acted silly and I kept taking pictures. The whole time ... Sam, Jay and Meg sat there and watched me undo every single thing I've taught them about sitting down and eating and being good in a restaurant.

But that's okay .... because I'm the Grandma, and it's my job to pay back Luke's Daddy.

This kid (Josh, who is Luke's Daddy) said to me .... "Mom, you're nuts. I wouldn't take four kids anywhere. Ever." I think he must be remembering the stunts he pulled twenty-four years ago when he was three years old.

Once when he was little and wouldn't sit still, back in the day when you could beat your kids in public .... we were at Pizza Hut and I threatened him. He purposely fell off his seat onto the floor and started thrashing around and loudly yelling, "Mom ... don't hit me Mom ... oh Mom, please don't hit me." Then he grinned that evil little grin. The same one that Luke has. So it's my job to pay him back.

Be Blessed Everyone.