Sunday, April 26, 2009

We Walked for our Babies

Today was the March of Dimes walk for our county and we walked it.  Can you say, "No one should ever wear flip flops to walk for three miles."  Never!  Ever!  Yesterday I walked some of the Vanderburgh County's walk because I photographed all the teams for the March of Dimes, and my tennis shoes gave me blisters ... so today I got smart and wore flip flops!  Now I'm paying, and I'm going to go soak my sore aching body and feet in the tub in a few minutes.

Von was a good sport.  He didn't want to go today ... not that he doesn't appreciate the March of Dimes, he just didn't want wear the "dorky" shirt I made him wear.  The logo is in the corner of the first picture.  I thought they turned out cute, so I'm saving them for next year since I bought everyone's too big, and he gets to do it all over again!  I have to say, he pulled the kids in the wagons the entire time, and he was huffing and puffing by the time we made it back.
I cheated a little bit ... but I had a great excuse.  I had to be back first so I could get shots of the teams as they arrived back at the fairgrounds.  So, me and neighbor that was walking too cut through a neighborhood and cut off a little portion.  Boy did that make my feet feel good!
The kids had a great time, and it was so nice to walk for a good cause.  Our kiddo's were born 10 weeks early and had a very rough start in life.  We are so thankful for our outcome and for the perfect and beautiful children that we have.                                                                          
Burgers and Hot Dogs was a great way to end our walk!  The kids were exceptional today.  Maybe "four" is the magic number after all!