Friday, June 12, 2009

Ditched the Kids for Vegas

In just a few hours I'll be boarding a Jet and leaving for Las Vegas!  By myself, and leaving my kiddo's and husband behind. 

Am I sad?  Oh how I wish I had just a bit of guilt ... but I don't.  Am I scared?  Yes, I am.  I'm always a bit scared when I leave them.  Even when I just drive to work, or when they are with other relatives.  No one loves them as much as me, and no one can coddle, cuddle and take care of them as well as I can.  I know they're loved and safe, but I'm the Mom.  It's that simple.  I'm their Mom.

But Mom will be flying off leaving them on the ground with their Dad, and waving as I disappear into the clouds.  At 2:30 this afternoon, I will be meeting up with some of the most wonderful women I'm yet to meet.  More than a dozen of us will be in the sky, on different airplanes, coming from around the nation, and we're all so excited.

We're all Mom's of multiples, and we've all been in an online group for several years.  Even though we've never met face to face .... we know each other well.  We've been a tremendous support to each other through good times, bad times and hard times .... and it's time we met.

So please keep us in your prayers, that we all land safely and have a great weekend, and when I get back, you'll get the full scoop ... and a whole lot of pictures!

Oh, I almost forgot ... (not really)  Thanks Von for the plane ticket and for making it so easy for me to go!  I really love you!