Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Cow Round-Up!

Whilst the boys were out chasing cows on four-wheelers with their Dad and their Uncle Don, "Miss I can't get dirty in the barn" wanted her picture taken.  She was lacking some attention while the other two sides of her triangle was chasing the cows that got out. 

Here she is ... and here's the story:

Like always, a trip to the barn is in order on our way home.  The climax of their day is to hit the barn and check out the happenings while they were gone.  You never know if a new baby has been born, or if they'll be the star of a rodeo when they get there.  Just so happens, the star of the day was a sick cow, and the boys jumped right in to help treat her. 

They were all hands on handing in the pills and syringe that housed a giant sized needle.  The pills weren't anything to ignore either.  They looked liked giant sweet-tarts and they used a medicine tube to get them in her.  The medical aspect of this farm still amazes me.  I've been a people nurse way too long and just can't grasp this end of things.

They also get to ride home with their Dad from the barn to the house ... and that is when it happened.

It was Round Up Time!  One of the pastures of cows had escaped and the boys helped round them up.  Just in the eight years I've been here, times have changed.  Von used to chase them on foot or else drive his old black pickup truck through the pasture.  These days .... it's a race on 4-wheelers and a big whooping it up because the cows don't like the noise.  If I was a cow, I definitely wouldn't want to be playing chicken with a wild man and a loud kid on a four wheeler!  Don and Jay on one ... and Von and Sam on the other. 

So I stood outside to try to get a few pictures of the round up ... and instead had a little mini shoot with the Princess!  She didn't realize it, but while she was standing there posing and complaining, she was surrounded by clumps of cow poop.  You see, we were standing in the gravel right in front of the barn gate, and if you can imagine before Photoshop .... that little brown clump by her left ear was a pretty big chunk of fresh poop!