Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gonna Ride a Cow!

As always, yesterday evening we ran by the farm to visit the cows and their babies.  We have a special few that my boys ride every chance they get, and yesterday was no exception. 

It's pretty awesome to watch your little bitty four year babies ride a bucking calf.  It kinda makes your heart stick in your throat, and kind of makes you a little bit sick at your stomach.  Of course, they love it.  There is nothing like a bucking heifer in a small pen that doesn't want you on its back.

When I was growing up, I had never heard of riding a cow.  I thought you only rode horses ... but then again, I'd never lived on a cow farm, and I'd never even seen a cow up close.  I led a sheltered life I guess.  Then I moved here and found out what all I had missed in my life.

There is nothing in the world like walking through a muddy barn lot after a fresh rain.  Nothing like slopping through the run off of cow manure in your new boots!  Nope nothing like it ... just ask my boys!

I think I'll just vest my money in Rural King until these little guys grow up and pay their own way.  Four pairs of boots = $175.00.  Two happy little boys = Priceless!