Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Muse

This morning .... I talked Meg into letting me take a few pictures of her.  She let me.  Totally against her will until I bribed her with HM (Hannah Montana) lip gloss in every color.  She is now smart enough to know that she is the only other female here besides me, and I desperately need her.  Not only does she tell me what she wants so that I can use and abuse her, she now tells me how many and what colors.  She has learned, and I don't like it.

We stood out in the middle of our road for that shot .... and she was totally degraded to be out there in broad daylight with only an undershirt on and a little pettiskirt.  I have to admit, I grit my teeth and smile and pretend that I like her when I'm taking her picture or else she's likely to stomp off in the house.  I think I see the writing on the wall ... my little muse is leaving me.  High and dry, and I'm so bummed.  I live one picture at a time with her .... Oh, the perils! 

Then I begged for more.  This one is going to cost me perfume ... and don't think for one minute that I can forget either.  The girl remembers and keeps a running list ... and she never forgets details.
I'll be visiting the Dollar Tree tomorrow for a bag of goodies that I can pull out when I need my muse fix.  I know that someday she'll look back on these and love them ... but for now, Hannah Montana has something more than I have. I don't have lip gloss with my picture on it in fifteen different flavors and colors ... 'sigh'.