Sunday, October 11, 2009

The FarmHouse Kids: Bye Bye Training Wheels

Today was a great day! Blue skies and this. Today, my kiddo's lost their training wheels on their bikes.

Of course, this isn't the little kids .... but the big kid that taught them how to ride like a big kid. It's a monumental milestone when your kiddo's become big kids.

I knew from the very moment that we were going to have these kids .... that their Dad would teach them great things. He has so much patience with them, and his mission in life is to be the best Dad that they could ever have.

This afternoon, I was their cheerleader, as I stood outside with our video camera and watched them ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk. One after another, until they got it and kept on pedaling on out into the driveway. The boys did it perfectly the very first time ... Meg on the other hand would forget to pedal and kept falling over in the grass.

By next Summer, they'll want to be riding bikes over to the barn .... I'm just not ready for that!

P.S. We're having a birthday this coming Saturday .... and it's the number FIVE!