Friday, November 30, 2007

~ Chicken Nuts ~

I know I shouldn't make fun of my children, and I'm not ..... but tonight I brought home happy meals from McDonalds for the kids, and they were so excited. Sam asked if it was a cheeseburger, and I told him, "no, it's chicken mcnuggets."

He jumped up and down and screamed out at the top of his lungs, "Jay, Jay ... we dot chicken nuts!"

I think this one will always stay with me, and I'm still giggling as I replay his little voice in my head! I imagine twenty-five years from now .... they will still be chicken nuts ~

Be Blessed ~

~ Photo Friday ~

Thanksgiving Day! Kelcie and Luke (my grandchildren) both came outside with me for a few minutes to take a few pictures. Of course they didn't cooperate, they're only three. But I did get the biggest smile out of Kelcie!Luke played hard to get .... nothing doing with that camera. He was cold and it was time to eat! He turned and looked at me only once, and I swear I could read his mind, "what you always doing with that camera Grandma Tannie?" Then, he sighed, shrugged his shoulders and walked straight into the house. But as he got to the door, he turned and looked back and gave me the biggest grin .... and I missed it!

I don't think my camera was the treat that he had in mind! Oh well .... there will be a next time!

Be Blessed Everyone .... and say, "Cheese".

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just a Couple More ~

Just a couple more, then I'm off to something else. I think it's just as much fun to proof and edit these images as it is to take them! Enjoy!
Doesn't she just look like she has spirit and attitude? Attitude is important! I love this picture.

Be Blessed Everyone ...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~ The Bride ~

I had the pleasure of taking this bride's wedding pictures early tonight. I've decided that I'm way too emotional to do weddings. I sniffled and snotted at every shot. She was so spectacular it actually took my breath away. I'm sure everyone could hear me.

Her new husband is a Marine and he flew in to marry her and then, like a fairy tale, he'll whisk her away to Hawaii. He'll go on ahead of her next week and she'll join him in about a month.

A few highlights that really impressed me is, as they came back down the aisle after their vows, they danced at the end. They danced as if they were totally alone, and I got to shoot picture after picture of them so absorbed in each other, they weren't even aware I was shooting close-ups of their faces. It was awesome and gave me chills as I watched how he looked at her. I think he's a lucky man.

It was very dark when they were leaving the church tonight and everyone stood outside in the headlights of a car and threw birdseed on them. My camera caught the seeds in the flash and they looked like crystals raining down on them. She was wearing his marine jacket and with the curls in her hair.... she looked like she was cast back in time to the 1940's. So very beautiful.

Another great thing for me is that my daughter Juli helped me do this wedding. She was my assistant, and this was a first for her. Boy, is she ever a take charge person. She kept track of what needed to be photographed and helped with my equipment like she was a pro. It was wonderful to have my daughter who is my best friend, to help me. I might just have to recruit her again. I'm such a lucky Mom ~

Be Blessed Everyone!

Monday, November 26, 2007

~ The Turkey Fryer ~

Yes, there is a turkey in there! The big turkey that lives here with me decided to cook a little turkey yesterday. See all that steam? That's not steam. It might look like it but trust me, it's not steam! It wasn't that cold outside yesterday. (read on)
Did the big turkey read the instructions? NOoooooo! He already knew all about it. I asked him. My question wasn't even worthy of an answer. I only got a "roll of the eyes" and a "hmmpph." So I quietly stood back and watch the big turkey cook his goose, oops I mean turkey!
We bought this turkey fryer last November on sale and this November the big turkey that lives here put it together and decided it was time to use it.
The kids were so excited to go outside and stand in the garage and watch the turkey get cooked. It was drizzling rain most of the day and they were bored and it seemed like a good thing to do. We stood back and watched the oil boil and bubble and watched the thermometer rise! We watched the turkey cook, and we watched the cook turn the flame wide open to get the temperature up just a little bit more! .... and a little bit more, and again, a little bit more!
You know how it is ..... when you get to be almost fifty-one years old and you bust a gut laughing and you have to bend over and cross your legs when you laugh ..... well, I had to do that.
For when my big turkey of a husband that didn't read the directions lifted his prize turkey from his new cooker, the look on his face was priceless! ..... it was a "burned bird" instead. Remember I said that wasn't steam .... nope it was smoke! That baby was smoking! .... and boiling over in peanut oil.
At that point, me and my camera were ordered off the premises with a finger that pointed "OUT!", and I snorted, snickered and giggled all the way to the house. ... and I have to tell you, I didn't even pee in my pants from all the laughing!
Be Blessed Everyone ... and may you read your directions before you cook your turkey!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

~ Winner of FarmHouse Kids Photo Pendant is ... ~

I have read all the entries so many times I couldn't possibly pick the winner. It wouldn't be fair, and besides I thought it was best if I took myself completely out of picking the winner, because some of you I know, and some of you I talk to, and others are complete strangers ... so the fair thing to do was to have a neutral party choose the winner.

My sister April chose the winner. She is neutral and had not read any of the comments. I do have to say though ... I totally agree with her choices.

Since this was such a funny contest, with so many "baring it all" stories, I've decided to add two runner ups!

Everyone had a good story, and it was fun to read all the entries. Thanks everyone for playing along. I will be having another contest before Christmas. It will be a one day contest coming next week, so stay tuned or you might miss it.

The winner of the photo charm pendant with an included Omega necklace is: Nan at Nannybird crafts. I belly laughed when I read this. I bet she wanted to crawl off the exam table and take her "confetti" with her. Her story is both funny and embarrassing! Talk about humiliation.

The 1st runner up winner is Ellen at Tink-Time. Ellen, never ever buy maxi pads with your kids in the cart! lol.

The 2nd runner up is Okie Nana. I would have died of embarrassment and definitely would have been looking for the owner of those shoes.

Ellen and Okie Nana .... you'll receive a different kind of photo charm than the one pictured. I think you'll love it though.

Ladies, email me at to work out the details of how to send your photo's!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Friday, November 23, 2007

~ My Kids ~

Jared, Josh, Juli and Joey

My family. My older kids all together. It's hard these days to get them all in one spot. With Joey still in college in Missouri, and Jared teaching and working in Mississippi, it's a rare moment to hold them down for a picture. They're "thick", as in best friends. They love each other, it's so obvious. Even though the miles separate them for the moment, they talk on the phone to each other all the time, and of course, I talk to each of them almost every day. Even though they're in their mid-twenties, they're still my babies, and I'm sure they always will be.

Almost twenty-seven years ago, I started writing letters to Josh before he was even born. I continued this with all four of them. I filled a big notebook of their beginning and their school years, and everything in between. Reading those letters out loud to them used to be their favorite past time. It's amazing how much of the little things you forget as a parent, but as we would read those letters, it's amazing how much they remembered from those days. Another example of how the little things become the big things in life. I haven't given them those letters yet, but I'm sure when I do, they will cherish them as much as I do.

I get teary eyed when I see them like this; having fun and goofing off, and posing for me. The lighting was not the best. Actually, we were in a dark room with only a ceiling fan for lighting and this quick snapshot turned out just perfect. I got their shining faces, all smiling and it's a beautiful picture to me. My children ... happy, smiling, loving each other and being together again, if only for one day, was wonderful.

I am yet to get all seven of my kids in one picture, but in two weeks, I'm setting up a studio at my brother's house and I'm doing family portraits of all of us. All of my sisters and their families and my brother and his family, and all of our kids and our parents. It's going to be a busy day, but a another fun day!

As we all get older, I think holidays take on a special meaning. I look forward to them, and all of us being together. Living away from my older kids is the hardest thing I've ever done ... you'd think I was hours and hours and a thousand miles away from them, but I'm only an hour away, yet I miss them so much. I miss the days of them running in and out and all the activities and all the running everywhere with them, and I'm looking forward to doing it again with the triplets in a few years. I'm a seasoned Mom, and I know exactly what's in store in for me!

Now Christmas is just around the corner, and I can't wait until we're all together again. Were you all together yesterday, and did you get pictures of those you love?

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

Pie Anyone?

Click here: Pumpkin Pie - animated Flash ecard by Jacquie Lawson

I hope everyone has a great day filled with family and those you love ~

Be Blessed,


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~ Things for Which I'm Thankful ~

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I'd list a few things that are really important to me in my life. This walk of life I was given. Von and I, we're in this journey of raising these kids all by our selves. Being "antique parents", everyone else in our family is "antique" too. My older kids have kids, and are busy with work and their lives, and I live away from my family. Not far, just under an hour, but with three young preschoolers, it's hard to go home. We really don't have a babysitter and we pretty much manage by ourselves, and do our best to change schedules around to make it happen. Occasionally we ask MM's sister to help a bit, and she does when she can. Life is hectic. We're beyond tired, but I wouldn't trade this for the world, and for that I am thankful.

Tomorrow, I'm going home for Thanksgiving. I've always cooked and tomorrow I'm not cooking one thing. I'm going to my Mother's and my whole family will be there. It's been six long years since I've had Thanksgiving dinner with my Mother, my sister's and my brother. All of our kids will be there. It will be a houseful. Loud and noisy and lots of kids. There is a lot of us, and it will be fun to get together. We'll take pictures, play games and just talk. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. On top of that, my Dad and my Step-Mother will be there. I'm blessed with two sets of parents that get along great.

Here are a few things that I think about often, and that I'm very thankful for:

  • All of my children. That I'm loved and needed, and they are so healthy, and they have good lives.
  • My Parents. That they are still here with us and are healthy, and we're able to be together on holidays, and that I can pick up the phone and call them anytime.
  • My Husband. He is so good to me. He is a wonderful Father, and he has blessed me more than he will ever know.
  • My Job. I have a great job. I work with a great bunch of people. I never knew that jobs like mine existed, that everyone gets along and it's fun.
  • Me. I'm thankful for Me. That I'm healthy. That God gave me these children to parent and raise and love, for my children that are grown and for the three that I will raise. Sometimes I know that he has more faith in me than I have in myself.
  • My home. I love living out here on this farm. I see it as a opportunity and I see life down my road through rose colored glasses, and the view I see is beautiful.
  • My Gifts. The gift of being big hearted and always putting others before me, and the gift that God gave me, my faith and my spirit.

I'd like you to share the blessings in your life and for what you're thankful. Sit back, close your eyes for just a few seconds and let me know what you see on that list behind your eyes. Sometimes, writing it down brings a whole new light to those thoughts in our heads. What are you thankful for?

Be Blessed Everyone and have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

~ This Journey ~

Tonight as I eased myself quietly out of my babies room, as to not wake them ... I stood there longer than normal and just looked at each of them. I thought about the things that I am going to miss in a few years when they're not so little, but still yet, they'll always be my babies, and still yet, I'll always remember these days ~

I think what I'll miss the most is the way I can so freely pick them up and hold each of them so close to me. It's as if they fit to me so perfectly. We're made for one another. Someday they'll be too big for me to hold against me, and I'll miss that. I know I will miss that more than anything.

I'll miss their little voices. Although I have repeatedly got them to talk into a cute little microphone just to always be able to hear those voices, I'll miss the sound of their "little kids" voices that spontaneously say the cutest things and only I can understand some of it ~

I'll miss the way they smell, and the way they sing to me, and how it feels when I rock them, and I'll miss every thing about them being little.

But, I'll never overcome the feeling of awe I have when I look at them and know they are mine, and I'm their Mother ~

I read this on someone else's blog, another triplet mom that is a photographer, "look around and pay attention to the little things ~~~ for one day they'll become the big things." How right she is ...

Be Blessed Everyone.

Monday, November 19, 2007

~ Lucky Mommy ~ Lucky Photographer ~

Miss Megan.She's beautiful and she tells me so too. I really am a lucky Mommy and I'm lucky that she loves her picture taken and she poses like a Princess she says! I get the best of both worlds, her and great images of her!

She wanted her picture taken and when we went outside, she started running to every prop that I use when I take high school senior pictures.
She posed like the "big girls." ... and she has that "cheese" thing down pat. I hate that word!
It was hard to catch her off guard. I wanted natural shots ... she had other plans!

Every other shot was on this tree. She must love that tree because she circled it and played peek-a-boo about forty times!
Then I caught this. I love this.
... and this. I know I'm going to have fun as she grows older. What girl doesn't love pictures, and her Mommy just happens to have a camera.
Ahhh Meg, now's not the time to show me your boo-boo! So I blew kisses to her and she caught them, and it made a great picture.
Back to that tree again. Did I tell you that she loves shoes as much as she loves her picture taken? These are her favorites of the day.
Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

~ Contest Time ~ Wear Who You Love ~

It's time for another FarmHouse Kids Jewelry contest! Are you ready? Get your thinking cap on, because this one is going to be fun!

The prize is going to be this beautiful sterling silver photo pendant (omega choker chain included). Megan's picture of course is not included. You'll have to send me, either by email or snail mail, the picture of your choice. Your original photo will be returned unharmed if you mail one to me.

This pendant is beautifully made, and is completely water proof, and is a one inch circle. The one pictured is enlarged to show detail. I will take a replica of your photo, place it on this sterling silver pendant, and using a special piece of machinery that Marlboro Man so lovingly bought me when I started my jewelry making business, I will then seal your "glass poured" photo forever. These pieces are heirlooms that you will love and cherish forever. Depending on the photo that you send me, I will choose the silver piece to use. I have many different styles and this one may not be the one you will receive, but it will be similar. It may be oval, square or a circle with a rope edge instead. It will be beautiful! You may choose a photo with one person, or several people in it. Your photo can be color, sepia or black and white. I wear one just like this one every day. There is something that warms the heart when you reach up and touch those you love or when you wear who you love ~

Rules for the contest: In the comment section, I want to hear your most embarrassing and funny moments. You may enter more than once. This contest ends next Saturday at noon! For those of you with blogs, please link to this post and pass the word along.

Have fun everyone ... and be blessed!

Friday, November 16, 2007

~ Main Street, USA ~

Main Street where I live consist of a gas station, the post office and a little home town grocery store on one side of the street, and a library, bank, pizza place and funeral home on the other side. One short block long. Main Street USA. Where everybody knows everybody. The place to be is here, and I love this quiet little town in the middle of nowhere, and all the friendly people in it. It's a nice place to live and a nice place to raise kids.

It's small, quiet, and virtually has no crime. Although I live in the country a few miles outside of this quiet little town, I found out tonight that it is a busy little place on a Friday night. I moved here six years ago when I married Marlboro Man, and tonight was the first time I visited the only little restaurant in town.

I picked up the kiddo's at daycare this evening and took them to "Main Street Pizza and Video." I was quite taken back as I walked through the doors. The whole town was there eating pizza tonight. The entire place was packed and everyone in there knew me. Well, I think they knew the kids, being that they're triplets, and they knew of me. They know I am MM's wife, and the triplets Mother. We got the only vacant booth, and then we proceeded to do what we do everywhere we go!

We had to go potty. My usually shy children were yelling at the top of their lungs that they had to go poop! Being that we are newly potty trained and wearing big kids underwear now .... we headed straight for the potty. No Poop .... but everyone pee'd. Round one! I did it. All by myself.

They had the most fun sitting in the booth and tearing up napkins and drinking root beer while we waited on our food. But before the food arrived, we had to make another trip to the potty. Through the crowd we marched. After fighting over the toilet, banging the walls and trying to keep the water in the sink turned off, we had success. Sam and Jay both pooped, and through the thin walls of the little restroom, I could everyone talking about us. It was good talk, but we were the subject.

"Oh my, she is a brave soul," I heard. Another person said, "you know, she's a grandmother too, and has older children." Well, yeah .... now that wouldn't be possible would it if I didn't have older children. I heard, "he didn't have kids, I'm sure that's why they had them." .... then I heard, "she's my age, I can't imagine." Then I had to walk past everyone again with my little trio all in a row. They all smiled and commented, and Sam who was holding my hand, looked up at me and said, "I pooped big. Jay pooped too." I only heard a couple snickers, but everyone was all smiles. You have to love a small town where everybody knows everybody! Round two over with! We're safe now til we get home! Jay and Sam pooped! Yay!

They brought our food, and the kids were so excited to eat in a booth and drink root beer like big kids. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Meg had to poop. I quietly told her to eat and we'd go poop at home. I couldn't imagine yet another trip to the potty with yet another walk through the very friendly crowd. We'd only been there for thirty minutes, and I wasn't about to make the third potty trip. Meg had other plans, and decided that she couldn't wait. You would have thought I'd taken her candy away. She screamed at me, "I have to poop Mommy." Guess what? Yes, you're right .... Round three! Success!

So everybody on Main Street USA knows that the Siekman triplets all pooped this Friday night at the Main Street Pizza Place. It's a friendly little place, and it's a good thing it's a small town, and everybody knows everybody! Honestly, I can't wait to go back, and I think I'll do this every Friday night! But the next time, I'm taking Marlboro Man with me ....

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bedtime Bedlam ~ The Saga Continues ~

Are you tired of this saga yet? Or, are you still laughing? Or feeling sorry for us?

It seems for the past week, we have taken turns every night with a new plan to get these kids to stay in their beds. Tonight was Marlboro Man's turn, and his new idea. We're so totally at a loss of what to do, or else we're still in shock that our perfect little darlings have one up on us.

His plan: we will make a big pallet on their floor, all soft and cozy like, with our pillows, and we'll lay down in the middle of the floor all snugged up, and they'll lay down with us and go to sleep! Then we'll pick them up and put them in their bed.

Yeah boy! It worked for about thirty seconds. They jumped on us, threw toys on us, took the blanket off of us, and turned the light on so they could see to jump on the beds.

Reality: MM kept calmly getting up and turning the light back off, then being the "reasoning with a three year old" kind of guy that he is, said, "Jay I'm going to disable that light so it won't come back on." Jay said, "able it Daddy?" (like he knew what that word meant). I couldn't help from laughing. I was determined to not put my two cents in since it was MM's night to try out his new idea. So I laid there with my face buried in a pillow and smirked under my breath. This went on for about 20 minutes .... continuously, giggle, jump, jump, light on, light off, jump, jump, jump, giggle, .... ouch! that was a toy on my head, ... jump, jump, jump!

In the midst of all the noise and cluttered chaos .... I quietly said to Marlboro Man, "is that a mouse you hear?" Jay stopped in his tracks and said, "Mouse?" .... and all three of my little jumping beans instantly laid down beside us and never uttered another word.

After five minutes of dead silence in the dark, I crawled out of their room on all fours, tiptoed quietly down the stairs, and danced and twirled my way to my favorite chair right here in front of my computer .... and MM is upstairs passed out dead to the world, on the floor with our little darlings! I think we're making progress!

I just love mice ....

Be Blessed Everyone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~ Forgiveness ~

After reading the comments from my last post, I sorta kinda figured out the consensus was to resort to bribery to keep the kids in bed since I resorted to bribery to potty train them.

WELllllllll, I sorta kinda did that! I'm feeling very ashamed as a parent, and feeling like I have lowered my standards as a Mother and quite possibly could have scarred my kids for life, or at least initiated a lifelong fear of rodents.

I can't hardly even type the words it was sooooooo bad! Please forgive me, but in my exhausted state of mind tonight, I told Jay that if he got up, a mouse might get his toes! He instantly crawled up onto his bed and sat in the middle of it with his little legs tucked under him until he fell over from exhaustion and went to sleep. Only once did he ask if the mouse would get him, and I couldn't bring myself to intentionally scare him or lie to him, so I calmly and dramatically shrugged my shoulders and made a very convincing face, then I looked him in the eye and quietly whispered "it might." He only winced and shivered once. I promise.

Unfortunately I can't say that I'm sorry .... and I'm afraid that same mouse might have to come back tomorrow night, and every night for the next seventeen nights. I will try hard to alleviate the fears I embedded in my child. Tomorrow night I will at least say that the mouse is cute, and I will add a few really good adjectives to describe him.

Thank you Lord for forgiveness, and I will pray every night for the next seventeen days for forgiveness .... for that is how many days I have left until it has become a habit for Jay to stay in his bed.

Be Blessed Everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Too Pooped to Pop ~ and that's the truth!

Here's an update on the toddler bed situation! Tonight was the fourth night of "Nightmare on the Dairy Farm" I'm sure there will be many more nights to come. In fact, I'm absolutely positive!

What were we thinking? Somewhere along the line I heard the word "growth and development" and it nagged at my brain until we thought we should do the right thing, and grow and develop the the little trio of terror! I can assure you that we are living to regret listening to my conscience. If the cribs weren't already tucked away in our storage house, I would single-handed reassemble them and throw the toddler beds over the stair railing. For real. If I could twitch my nose and go back in time a week, I would.

I am not intending to scare any other Mom's out there with HOM's (higher order multiples) that are younger than mine, and I truly will pray for you if you ask me too. Just ask me before you take the cribs down and I'll tell you that you do not want to do that. It has to be a HOM thing ... I did not go through this with my four older kids. I don't think ... but that was a life time ago and I'm brain dead now and old and forgetful. My daughter Juli told me a long time ago that women my age shouldn't have babies because I might put them down and forget where I put them. She's right ... I haven't lost a baby yet, but I can't remember a thing! ... and sometimes that is a good thing!

Jay used to be our best sleeper. He would drop like a fly in a bucket of water. He'd pass out at at the mention of bedtime. NOW, Jay is the most defiant three year old and he is NOT going to sleep in that bed. He is large and in charge and we are at his mercy. He orders us around and Marlboro Man has to lay with him, or else he keeps all of them up. Not only does he have to lay with him .... he has to lay with him, HIS WAY! Last night MM literally laid with him and held him there. Jay can scream like a Hyena! "Daddy ~ Daddy ~ Daddy, take a breath, Daddy ~ Daddy ~ Daddy", then repeat over and over and over! In your ear! Tonight was my turn. What used to take three minutes is now taking three hours and we're exhausted! But indeed we are good little parents and we ignore him and NEVER make eye contact until he gives it up. Trust me though ... giving it up takes an act of God and Jay is bull-headed and he's gonna win if he has to scream until he finally passes out cold! I'm thinking this is very traumatic for him ... but I think it's more traumatic for us!

Then just about the time it gets quiet ... someone has to pee! How do you tell your newly potty trained triplets to hold it til morning. You can't! So we all go downstairs to pee .... then we start all over again! Tomorrow night we're drawing straws to see who wins and gets Jay first! I love that little guy .... but I'm not liking his ways! ha ~

Meg and Sam are like little mice. When the lights go out .... they scurry everywhere and grab everything and giggle and jump. There are only two of us and three of them ... and we can't be in three beds at the same time. They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit .... we'll see, and I'm not taking any bets!

I know God is good, and I know he would never give up more than we can handle ... but I believe with all heart and soul that God is up there belly laughing at us and pointing his finger and saying, "You ask for it and you've got it!"

We need help! Any takers for bedtime out there? We're begging! Please!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know ~~

I lurk on a lot of blogs and don't have time to comment. I quickly scan the newest post and move on! Who has time to comment on every blog they read. Or maybe it's just me, and I spend way too much time reading blogs at night! It seems that I love everyone I read and I could add about a million four hundred eighty seven to my favorite list. I'm sure you all do too.
What has my curiosity up is someone from Princeton, IN daily checks my blog ... almost at the same time every night, almost to the minute. "HELLO NEIGHBOR ... and DO I KNOW YOU?" Or do you know me? COME FORTH and DELURK!~ Just kidding ... (well just a little kidding), but seriously, stop in and leave a comment and say hello, and catch me up on the latest news!
.... and all you other people lurking close by, be you friend or foe .... say HELLO! INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!
Be Blessed Everyone!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Fall Again

Marlboro Man pried his new leaf blower out of the Miata today! .... and we have a huge pile of leaves in our front yard. I'm starting to think that he bought the thing just for the kids to have a pile to jump in. He had just as much fun as the kids did! Sam sure enjoyed it ~

Jay was all smiles and ran circles around the pile of leaves and had a great time.
Meg forgot for a brief moment that she was a pampered princess and jumped and kicked and had so much fun ~
Be Blessed Everyone!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It Was a Piece of Cake!

Yes, it truly was a piece of cake getting them to sleep last night! We were firm and didn't give them any room for disruption! I was Hitler and we did it my way! Ha ~

This morning was a different story! The very instant they woke up .... it was excitement all the way! They started unzipping each other's pajama's and jumping on the beds. Within three minutes, everything they owned that they has access to was scattered knee deep, and all the blankets and pillows were every where. They were wild, and jumped bed to bed and was singing, "Happy Birthday to Me" at the top of their lungs. We finally had to 'physically move them' downstairs before someone got hurt!

Their room is pretty much bare now since we know they rip into everything that is not tied down! Wild Indians I tell you .... (but cute)

Yes, I'd say they were excited and yes, they love their new beds!

We're Blessed!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Triple Trouble and New Beds

I think we are going to be in trouble tonight! Triple trouble that is! We now have one of these cute little beds upstairs in the kids room. This is what Meg's new bed looks like. She's already seen it, but not in her room and not with all her worldly possessions piled on top. She is so excited and we keep telling her that this weekend she will be a really big girl and gets to sleep in her new bed. We shall see .....
They will be surprised when they get ready to go to bed tonight and their room has been transformed. I know that the first thing Jay will say is, "What happened?" ... Meg will say, "Oh My Goodness!", and Sam a.k.a. Earnest T., will start jumping up and down and look for rocks to throw! (just kidding) ... but I'm sure he'll start jumping! Then I'm sure he'll say, "Cool." That's the new word for this week! Cool! He is cool .... but I don't tell him that because I don't want him to get big headed and think he's really cooler than his brother and sister! He doesn't need any help in that department!

Here are pictures of what Jay and Sam's new beds look like! I think they're going to love them. We had a hard decision figuring out how to arrange them in their rooms. Do we put them end to end so that their heads are close to each other? Or do we aim them opposite ends and try to keep them apart? Personally, I think it isn't going to matter .... either way, we're in trouble!
Marlboro Man and I think that we're doing something wrong in the bed department. These kids just turned three years old two weeks ago and today we set up the 12th bed. Yes, we've had a total of twelve beds in three short years!
We started out with three bassinet like thingy's ..... then three large pack and play's that they slept in during they daytime .... on to three cribs and now we've moved on to three toddler beds! That's an overwhelming thought and I think we're nuts!
So I guess in a couple more years or less, we're headed for twin beds. I've already been googling sites looking for Princess loft beds and Camouflage loft beds. I think I need to start saving my pennies!
Be Blessed Everyone and wish us luck tonight .... I do believe we're going to need it!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Buttons and Voices

You all know how obsessed with my stat-counter I used to be, .... well, I still am, just a little. I love my stat-counter, but I do have to say that I don't check it every fifteen minutes anymore. I've matured. Some. Now I'm more in love with my Live Traffic Feed, and trying to figure out who is reading my blog from all the towns that it list, and wondering if I've offended someone I know, or if someone I know thinks I'm just too cool. I no longer sneak around and check my numbers. That is totally a thing of the past. Actually, Marlboro Man caught on to me, and he peeks around the corners to make sure I'm not up to something, and trying to pull one over on him. He's smart like that! But I'm smarter .... and I have a plan. You all can do it for me!

See that little button directly to the right of this line and up a little? The little narrow one that says "VOTE FOR MY BLOG." Well, I figured out that if you click it, it brings up all my past post and I get a point for each post. I'm not sure what the points are for, or what I'm going to gain, but I do know that I get to watch a whole lot of little stat-counters grow, kind of like a cherry master slot machine. I'm thinking like a tree here. Sprouts. Growth. Multiplication. Yeah right.

I was kind of 'bummed' though when I figured this all out ..... it will only let me vote once every 24 hours. I figured that out after I voted for myself about fifteen times in an hour. Finally the little voice inside the button said, "STOP IT, you're driving me nuts!" I was totally put out and disappointed that the little voice was so rude!

So, since I'm hearing voices and pushing buttons and it's getting me no where fast, I'd like you all to push it for me every day. Don't get on it's bad side though .... it can be vicious and has a very sharp tongue! One more thing, if any of you know what it's for, or what I'll win, please let me know.

I'm not real computer savvy you know ..... you're talking to a woman that until recently, for years, thought html was slang, and was related to her hotmail address!

Be Blessed Everyone!

p.s. this is not a ploy related to my obsession with my stat-counter. I promise. (huh-uh)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Marlboro Man Tale

Marlboro Man went shopping. Could it be for our anniversary that is coming up next week? I don't think so!

MM doesn't shop often ... only four times a year if he can help it. ... and then he'd pawn it off on his sister if I'd let him, which I don't. I kind of have a attitude that it's the least he can do is to put a little effort four times a year into a present for me. ... and he does. So the man went shopping the other day! But it wasn't for me.

It was for him. ... and that he never does. Unlike me, who can whip up a forty page list in ten seconds flat, with no thought or effort at all. I'm sure he thought of every aspect and angle and reasoned for a long time before he bought what he bought. He labored and justified and considered many other options before coming to the conclusion that he needed it, and it was necessary. He doesn't have many needs in life other than me and the kids. I, on the other hand, have many great needs, and many more wants. Just ask him.

He's a very conservative man. For Pete's sake the man has a Miata in the garage that he drives to town because it gets forty-five miles per gallon. MM is mostly the pick up truck country cowboy type .... and he sometimes drives the Miata, with the top up of course, for practical purposes. Dang, if I could figure out how to legally strap three car seats on the trunk I'd be flying low with that rag top down. But then I'd have to figure out how to shift gears and not jerk the kids out of their seats, and bounce them up and down the interstate. So I'm sticking to the mini van and leaving the convertible to him for his seldom lone trips into town. The man also has a perfectly awesome orange '69 Camaro and a '46 Willy's Jeep in a barn out back. ... and years ago, long before he became a Father, the man used to be a hot rod muscle car drive 'em wreck 'em roll 'em til he blew up the motor kind of guy.

I had to get off track and tell about MM's little bitty two seater convertible because it's a great part of this story. He drove into the city the other day and bought himself a Leaf Blower! .... and he hauled it home in his little convertible with the box sticking out of the window. God, I love that man. I really do.

We have a gi-normous amount of leaves here in the fall ... and he's planning on keeping the front yard cleared of leaves. We built a big picket fence for the kids this Spring and it will fill half up with leaves if we don't do something about it.

He's being practical. I want to play. I can't wait for him to make big piles so the kids and I can play in the leaves, and I can take pictures of them. He bought a necessity and I have a new toy!

Can you just picture him driving down I-164 with a leaf blower that is bigger than the car sticking out the window? Should I tell him that, that is NOT cool? What do you think?

Be Blessed Everyone!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Man Amazes Me

All of you that having been reading lately know that I am wanting (getting) a building (studio) for my photography business. FarmHouse Photography. Kinda catchy huh? You think that might have anything to do with the fact that I live on a farm? Yes, you're right, and I'm also Mom to "The FarmHouse Kids" too.

This morning Marlboro Man's brain was turning like greased wheels. Actually he was trying to kill two birds with one stone. He was trying to 1) keep me happy, 2) save himself some money (maybe that should be option number one.)

See that barn in the picture above. Yes, that one. The one without windows or doors, and the one with Martha and her friends living in it. If you look close, you can see Martha's head sticking out one of those little windows on the left. (You can see Martha later as you read on.) He started telling me, "you know Tan, I was thinking ......," and I knew right then and there that he was headed for trouble.

Are you figuring out yet where I'm going with this? I bet you are! He said to me, "I was thinking, what about having your business in the top of the barn? It has a hip roof, it's tall, and has lots of room. When I was a kid, we used to stack lots of hay up there in the loft, and we played in there too! Lots of room! Wide open space ... and it's right here and already built!"
Yeah boy! Way up there in the loft. I can see it now ..... "FarmHouse Photography" ... just climb right on up! Oops, be careful ... that ladder is straight up! Here, let me shove your butt up a rung! Hold on while I pull my camera up on a rope! You up there yet? Here, pull me up! Whew! We made it! Yeah, we got central air! Lots of wide open space too .... just watch out for the birds! Duck! The barn swallows are after us! Run .... don't fall! Hold on! Here, just slide down that rope! Watch out for Martha when you land! She gets nervous you know. Don't step in it .... you'll ruin those city shoes you got on! Yeah .... I can see it now! "FarmHouse Photography"

Then I got to thinking .... wow, that's a pretty cool idea, and the view would be awesome from way up there in that old barn. We can put a new roof on it ... build a nice outside set of stairs to get up there so that we don't have to use Martha for a step stool. We can insulate it and drywall the whole loft. Then of course we'd have to put in a bathroom, an office and a few windows and make a door. We'd need a few dozen fly strips, and definitely heat and air to kill the smell. Other than that, I think I'm going to love it. I've never had a barn loft before and it's well lit up at night, and I wouldn't need a underground tunnel since I'd be able to just run across the driveway a bit. So I told him to go for it! Get on the ball and get started! Woo Hoo! I'm getting a new studio! Just a few renovations and I'm all set!

Meet Martha! She'll live downstairs with all her sis-ta's!

As for Marlboro Man .... he changed his mind! He didn't think that was a practical idea when I told all the modern conveniences I wanted and needed! Can you believe that? The man totally amazes me!

So what do you think? Should I go for the old barn idea and try to talk him back into it? .... or totally go with my original plan for a quaint little old school house look?

Be Blessed Everyone!